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Is Iraqi Dinar a good bet or bad?

I asked this on investing but didn't really get much feedback. I didn't know this sub existed or i would of came here first.
My brother recently started a new job at the local pizza place and the owner has been talking up the dinar to him for a while. Apparently the owner has at least 10k in dinar and most likely more. My brother recently bought about $800 worth of dinar and wants to get more. My worries are that my brothers boss is hyping up the dinar and my brother is getting bad info from him and letting that cloud his judgement.
Im not an investor and when i tried to do some research into this i felt like i was just spinning wheels. was the best article i could find. I can safely say that however he's getting the dinar is legit and he's not getting scammed that way. I've read a few articles that claim dinar investors are "just dumb trump supporters" buying into a scheme. Other articles are by "Dinarians" who've been waiting over a decade for something that's coming any day now.
According to the article people are confusing re-denomination with reevaluation and that if Iraq re-denominates then any investment will basically be worthless. I've read some claims from people and my brother has said that if they do re-denominate that they will still come out ahead. Is that possible? How does that work?
Is my brother wasting his money? I cant and wont fault him for taking a gamble on something that could pan out in the future even if it turns out to be a huge loss but if he's going on bad information from his boss (a pizza maker not an investor) who's over-hyping this dinar scheme i wanna stop him before he gets anymore.
Edit: He's buying his dinar online and getting an envelope of 5000 IQD notes. Also hes 19 lol.
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Iraqi News Updates USD/IQD Exchange Rate IQD on Forex ...

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